People Who Love Us!

"Thanks for the granola. Only one major criticism: Too Fuckn addictive! Seriously, you've really captured the balance of what good... no... EXCELLENT granola should be. Yeah, the packaging is gorgeous... but who cares? It tastes amazing! You really have something here." "Your granola ROCKS. It is so good. Really seriously good. I gobbled it up yesterday. NUTS & BOLTS is the bomb. I'm so excited. This is going to be a huge success because the product is really good."
George Duran

Chef, New York City

Liz Weber
Writer, singer, Brooklyn, NY

"This granola is really scrumptious! It tastes like the essence of granola. Very pure. Very impressive. Thanks for getting the order to us so quickly!" "Just got home to find that my very own package of NUTS & BOLTS granola had arrived in the mail. I'm enjoying a bowl now. Exquisite! Bravo!"

Johannah Rodgers
Writer, artist, Brooklyn, NY

Cynthia Hopkins

Writer, composer, multi-instrumentalist,
theater artist, storyteller

"You've outdone yourself! Amazing!" "NUTS & BOLTS is amazing.  Love the olive oil and the texture of the granola."
Victoria Libertore

Actress, writer, curator, emcee and teacher
Brooklyn, NY

Cara Brownell
Legal assistant and singer, Brooklyn, NY

"Just ate my first bowl of NUTS & BOLTS granola...OH MY!! It is incredibly good!" "It is satisfying, delicious, and keeps me full til lunch, which is something I have never experienced with other cereals or granolas. And the cookies make me feel almost virtuous while having them for dessert :)."

Joanne Gula Aghotte
Teacher, Cincinnati, OH

Aine Zimmerman

Professor, New York City