Pure and simple

We believe that food should be as simple and pure as possible—and always incredibly tasty! Our products showcase the natural affinities of the ingredients they contain... the natural sweetness of the almonds, the complex and balanced flavor of Crown Maple Syrup. All of our ingredients are: 

 As locally-sourced as possible
 No refined sugars

Only goodness

You won't find preservatives, refined sweeteners, additives or unrecognizable ingredients here. You'll taste the inherent deliciousness of the nuts, seeds, maple, as they occur in nature.

Easy digestion

After carefully selecting only the purest of organic ingredients, we slow-bake them to develop and preserve their natural flavor and nutrient content - AND to make them easy to digest.



About the Founder

Photo of Lise Clancy, founder of Nuts & Bolts

Hi! I'm Lise Clancy. Growing up in Norway, healthy, home-cooked food was an important part of my family. And having two daughters now and being responsible for what they eat, brought a new dimension to this journey of good eating. I was thrilled to discover Chef Melinda Tracy's granola in my office, where she was our private chef. This was the best gluten-free granola I had come across. I knew it needed to be shared with others. After spending 20 years in the corporate world, I decided to redirect my finance and HR skills to something I was passionate about. I am excited to collaborate with Chef Melinda in offering this great-tasting and nutritious granola to you.