Our Ingredients: "The Purest Maple Syrup on Earth"

"I tend toward simple, rustic preparations that feature
the ingredients as themselves." - Melinda Tracy

This past weekend we had the utmost pleasure of visiting Madava Farms, in upstate New York, where Crown Maple makes their world-famous maple syrup which has been called "the purest on earth."

As you may have read on our Ingredients page:

We did a taste test of 8 of the most renowned and locally-sourced maple syrups we could find, and Crown Maple came out on top. Complex, interesting, and incredibly pure, their syrup is the best maple syrup we've found.

And it's true.

To get a better understanding of how they keep their maple syrup so pure and natural, we drove up to Dutchess County this past Saturday to take a look at their maple syrup farm and production facility. 

It turns out the secret to the purity of their maple syrup is in the level of attention to detail they pay at each and every step of the process. From the kind of maple trees they grow, to the exact days and temperatures that they choose to extract sap, everything is calculated for purity. 

The "Evaporator" evaporates water from the maple sap to distill it into syrup.

We started out with a tour of their production facility. Talk about high-tech! 

The first machine used in the process is an enormous "Reverse Osmosis" machine that removes the majority of the water present in the freshly extracted maple sap. 

The second machine, featured in this photo to the left, is called the "Evaporator" because it evaporates any remaining water from the sap to distill the syrup to perfection. (We hear it's one of the largest and most energy-efficient evaporators ever built. Impressive!)


You can actually read all the details about their maple syrup process at the Crown Maple website, here! They talk about the special kinds of trees they grow, the sustainability of their maple farm, and the artisans that taste and grade the finished sap to make sure it's perfect. 

After our tour through the production facility, we took a little walk around the farm to see their beautiful trees. 

Crown Maple's Madava Farms: Chef Melinda taking a looking a look at some maple tree taps.

What a beautiful, crisp autumn day!

This is a photo of our very own Chef Melinda! The green lines are the taps used to extract the sap from the maple trees. Very cool.


It's a beautiful day to be in the woods. :)

Here's a shot we took of the maple trees.

Look at the colors of those leaves! Fall is such a beautiful season, isn't it?

We absolutely loved meeting the wonderful people at Madava Farms and sincerely appreciated all of their hospitality. Their production facilities were incredible, and their maple syrup process is refined and precise.

All in all, we had a wonderful and reaffirming trip up to Dutchess County. As a company that believes in the simplicity and purity of the ingredients that go into our foods, we wouldn't dream of using any other kind of maple syrup (or sweetener!) in our baked goods. 

The Nuts & Bolts Mobile against the sunset at Madava Farms.... A perfect day!

...Now, it's time to get back to baking! :)

To see more photos from our trip: visit this Facebook albumor check out our Instagram!

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