New Treat: Thanksgiving Tarts

Have you been invited to a Thanksgiving potluck and aren't sure what to bring? Or, perhaps, you know what you'd like to bring, but you haven't got time to cook it? Don't worry, we've got an idea... How about some Nuts & Bolts Spiced Maple Pecan Mini-Tarts!

Our chef Melinda has been doing lots and lots of baking in the last few weeks to perfect our newest treat. As you may have guessed from the name, these two-bite tarts are the perfect blend of sweet (you can't go wrong with pure, organic maple syrup and fresh-ground pecans!) and spicy (Thanksgiving-style). 

As a way of saying Happy Thanksgiving to our favorite people (you!), these mini-tarts are available for online ordering with free shipping

Click here to order now! :)

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